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We provide a full range of financial planning, taxation and legal services to all of our clients. Through our licencing arrangement with Dover Financial Advisers, we enjoy a huge reservoir of technical expertise and practical experience dealing with a wide range of areas. These include investments, risk insurance, superannuation and self-managed superannuation, estate planning, retirement and aged care planning, business advice and inter-generational financial planning.


We bring a wide range of highly trained and qualified staff including accountants, solicitors, and credit advisers to our clients and make sure each client improves their financial position as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Client Focus

We continuously and proactively look for ways to improve our clients’ wealth, financial health and retirement planning, with all things being done in the pursuit of our core focus of enhancing client’s financial profile.


Our aim is to work in your best interests. We are actively committed to a code of ethics designed to achieve best practice in financial planning. We emphasise and prioritise your rights and entitlements as our client at all times.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • Stephen has been managing my Superannuation and offering me Financial Planning advice for over fifteen years. Having no financial interest or previous experience in financial matters, I was confused by products and other services available. I have found Stephen to have extensive knowledge and advice within his field, and beyond. He has been very patient and able to explain financial processes and advice very clearly, and has helped me make decisions and really feel empowered about my financial situation in many aspects.

    Stephen was very helpful when I had difficulties trying to get a home loan approved, especially since I was looking at purchasing a home as a single person. Stephen gave me valuable advice and helped me arrange my finances that allowed me to be eligible for a home loan and purchase my home, which has been a massive achievement for me personally.

    Stephen has always provided me with sound and sincere financial advice and has earned my trust and highly value his judgement. I would not hesitate in recommending his excellent services.

    Suzana Velevska

  • Stephen is a great support. If you don’t know him call him. I’m a customer for a long time. And no. I’m not a relative or a friend. He’s my financial planner and has been so for many years. Always has my back.

    Pam Wright

Useful Resources

Client Manuals

We have developed an extensive collection of guide series for clients. They comprise a unique collection of  financial planning and accounting materials for any one interested in managing their finances as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Diary Notes

Our diary notes cover topics relevant to client needs. We address topics such as taxation, superannuation, business issues, financial planning, intergenerational planning, investments and more. Most visitors find these notes highly relevant to their situations.

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